Who we are?

In 1999, the year STM was founded, it was impossible to make a movie without having problems.

Almost everything was far from recent technology and the equipment that was used was not reliable. This goes even for the trucks, which made the electricians waste nearly 2 hours more than they should. In Turkey, there was only 3 generators; Galaksi Isik, Can Film and Platform. And they were very noisy. No fluorescent lights, no 18kWs, no 20kWs, no Dinos! Nobody could transfer energy for 12kWs for over 100 meters. And the people were working without insurance and without paying taxes, without future. Therefore, we needed to start a company. So we did; Ali Salim Yasar, Durmus Demirezen, Feramuz Tuna, Murat Munuklu. Then, Ali Gundogdu, who had a rental house for lighting equipment joined us. So we were 5...

So was founded STM in 1999. We bought ourselves Kinos and a 210kW genny, and we were finally insured. After a while, Ali Gundogdu ve Murat Munuklu unfortunately started not to fit in the system we were still trying to get working, so they left. We are grateful for the will they had to start everything together.

We also would like to thank Galaksi and Orion for their techical support. We are sure that we'll all keep supporting each other. Don't hesitate to contact us for any kind of feedback and suggestions.

Best regards...